To flourish a nation, the education is like a sap for the growth and prosperity. Azad Govt. of The State of Jammu & Kashmir has a well-grown Department of Higher Education. To improve the higher secondary, graduate level and post graduate standard education to  the students in AJK, an organized and furnished directorate for the entire colleges of the state has been designed and run.

Our Services

  • To Improve the quality of education in AJK.
  • To manage & control the education system for betterment of education in AJK
  • To provide technical & Professional skills.
  • To provide educational trainings for teachers.
  • To provide scholarships.
  • To provide pick and drop facility for college students.
  • To provide IT education in the colleges of AJK.
  • To provide digital labs.
  • To provide technical support.
  • To get 100 % results from Govt. colleges of AJK